Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inspiring Young People to Pursue High-Tech Careers in Manufacturing

 by Carlos Cardoso

The future of manufacturing in America is requires a new ground game: It starts with inspiration. As leaders, we must engage and inspire a generation of young people who think it’s cooler to work in the services sector than it is to make things!
Moreover, as shown in the perception study we commissioned at Kennametal, high school students, parents and faculty still picture manufacturing in “3D” — dark, dangerous and dirty — when nothing could be further from the truth! The only way to change this persistent misperception is to show them first-hand that today’s production technologies are clean, safe and smart, driven by sophisticated applications of information technology, robotics and artificial intelligence.
To win young people over, we have to show them and inspire them that manufacturing careers present unique opportunities to make great things that the world relies on — from aircraft and automobiles, to energy production and supercomputers.
We have to get out there, partner with schools, invest in career centers, and paint a new picture of manufacturing. I encourage all leaders in our industry to tell your stories to inspire and develop a great new generation of highly skilled technicians, engineers and scientists to keep America strong as the world leader in industry and innovation!
By sharing my story from a visit last week at Ohio’s Auburn Career Center, where Kennametal is funding technology apprenticeship programs preparing students for lucrative manufacturing careers, I hope to inspire you to do the same. It’s a ground game we have to win!

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