Sunday, January 12, 2014

Here's a long term recruiting tactic I am testing...

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Hi All;

I got asked by an acquaintance to mentor a couple of teams for a robotics competition. Seems it is an international event:

I am a volunteer. The program in my area has been running for several years and has managed to secure some corporate funding. So it has been a bit of a network builder for me also.

The kids participating in this seem very bright. And while they are a several years from being candidates, they are interested in the field of mechanical technology and they are building skills at an early age... which is more than I can say for 95% of the young applicants that approach me from the trade schools, colleges, etc.

The projects (search "first robotics" on YouTube and you will see lots of past competitions) are similar to University engineering projects. There is machining and welding involved if they choose and can find the resources. Our local trade school has a great guy championing the program. Last year he let the kids program on MasterCAM and then helped them setup the machine and build the parts.

The schedule doesn't allow them to really do a good job of the project but my intention is to filter out the really interested kids and offer them "build a go kart" style projects to try and keep them involved in the off-season.

I am helping out 2 small teams of all rookies. While most of them I would peg as future engineers and computer scientists, I found out that an apprentice welder in my shop participated when he was in high school. And looking at the bigger teams, there do have handy kids that look like they may be destined for trades.

Anyway, I was interested in passing this along as it seems like a good way to meet curious, intelligent and motivated kids. And I like that people from the community, colleges and industry are participating.

Check the website above to see if there are teams in your area.


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